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Hello everyone! My name is Amelia and I am a brainy and a creative kid, and I also can be very determined at some points. I love to entertain people by making funny jokes and it makes them giggle, but I can also make myself laugh too! My favorite animal of all time is a giraffe, because I like it how they are harmless and they are SO tall! One thing I am very good at is helping others such as saying encouraging statements to them, helping them on things they don’t quite get, picking up objects they dropped, sitting with them, standing up for them, and WAY more! I am very imaginative and can come up with out of the box ideas on projects, drawing, or playing a game with my friends! Usually I am very joyful but at sometimes I can get irked, but I would get over it really quick. Everyone of my friends, family, and past teachers say that I am a kind-hearted person. I do have some talents like how I love to sing and  I am athletic. Also I did dance for one summer (tap, jazz, and ballet), but I din’t think that was a good thing for me, but music is my thing. I love to sing any song that is why I joined choir, and I love the sound of music so that is why I joined band!

I would rather spend my day in the day than in the night. That is because I love nature and everything about it like the trees and animals. Sometimes I can be very open-minded and will share my ideas to others. I have three pets and if you include my fish that is five (two dogs, a cat, and a fish). My dogs names are Sadie (rat terrier) and Pinky (greyhound), my cats name is Blueberry, and my fish’s name is Blue-moon. I am very quick runner, so I can run very fast! I have been playing softball since I was in third grade, and I am still plating it in six grade too, and I love it so much! I am very trustworthy, so you can trust me, and I like the fact that people can trust me. A lot of people say that I am very unique because I like to be different then other people than trying to blend in with the crowd. An example of me being unique would be I tried to learn the violin, but ending up not doing it again after! I also like going camping because it brings me closer to the wildlife like seeing deer in the woods. So far I have only broke two bones from silly mistakes! One of my mistakes were I broke my arm by falling off a couch. The second mistake was I slipped down the stairs and broke my toe! The next thing I want to tell you about is my favorite color is yellow because it brightens up my day when I think about it. Finally the last thing I want to tell you is I love going to the zoo because, like I have said, I love all kinds of animals and wildlife! Well, that was all about me, and I hope you have a good idea of what I am like!










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