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By: Amelia

My community has a lot of things you can do! These involve sports, after-school activities, social networks, community groups (local), and more. If you want to get involved in your community, then click on this website. There are some cons too, but let start with the pros. Some pros are that you can get to meet some new people when you are doing some of these activities. In softball, which is the sport I play, I got to meet a bunch of new people my age, and now the people I met are really great friends to me! You can also join a sport with your friend so you know someone. The cons are some people can get greedy and when you have to work on something as a group, they will only want their idea in and might not be a good group member. Another con is the people in a group won’t work at all and you have to do all of the work. A big con is once you get into that activity your doing in your community, you might start a competition and try to be better than everyone, and including your team mates on a sporting event. Once you are like that it will get worse and worse.

Like I said before there are a lot of different activities you can join. I’m in some. Those are softball and Instagram. I also used to be in archery at GMS and my old (elementary) school. I would love to join a lot more though. Some are karate, art club, drama club, the soup kitchen, a party planner club, and to help at the animal shelter. The roles within a community are a mayor, police man/women, fireman, doctor, teachers, moms, dads, store-keepers, and artists/musicians. To be in a community there are some rules you have to follow first. They are to contribute to the community, follow and respect the rules, listen to what people have to say, respect your neighbors and everyone inside your community, and always try your best at all times. Also the number 1 rule is to always and at all times to have FUN! There are some ways you can learn how to be in a community. One is to look at some on websites. Including your computer, phone, or tablet. All you have to do is search some community activities you want to join and then your done. Also you can take a walk around your community and look for for flyers including signs that say now hiring, also you can look at commercials on T.V. The value of being in a community is You get to meet and interact with new people. Also you aren’t alone, so you are with other people who support you. Here are some pictures of a community/community activities:

Bioretention Gardens in DetroitCreative Commons License University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment via Compfight

Bioretention Gardens in DetroitCreative Commons License University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment via Compfight

City of the Future: Sixth Class at Tam HighCreative Commons License Fabrice Florin via Compfight

2016_11_04BearsBasketball (18) Don Voaklander via Compfight

Wednesday Lunch - DrupalCon New Orleans 2016Creative Commons License Michael Cannon via Compfight

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