Things you should put in an emergency bag

Emergency bag and what to put in it

By: Amelia

1. Water– Make sure you have water in your bag because just in case you have to stay in your shelter for a long time, also to stay hydrated

2. Snacks– just in case you get hungry and so you can stay energized (apples, oranges, energy bars, fruit, some vegetables, fruit snacks, etc.)

3. First Aid kit– just in case someone gets hurt you need this so they will get better and not worse

4. Extra phone– so you can call someone if an emergency

5. Flashlight– if the power goes out, it is an extra light

6. Extra Batteries– Just in case your flashlight or any thing dies

7. Blankets– to keep warm

8. Portable radio– to listen to the news/weather

If you had to leave in an hurry, you have to grab-and-go things. Put these items into a bag that is red. You don’t have to make your bag red, but it would be good to have a RED bag so you won’t get it mixed up with your other bags that you have. Make sure to leave it right in front of your exit (where you leave), so you can just grab it and go!

PLEASE follow these tips and the list of things to put in your bag! It will surely save your life! Remember to be safe!


I got this photo from by Alex and Rachel Johnson

4 thoughts on “Things you should put in an emergency bag

  1. Hi Amelia,
    Great tips for an emergency bag, but in an emergency bag, should you consider adding important documents, passports,and a spare set of clothes into the bag? However, you wrote important items like food, water, and a form of communication. I did like how detailed the post is about the emergency bag. This is the link to my blog:

    • Thank you Stephanie! Those items are also very important to put in your emergency bag. I will definitely visit your blogging site!

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